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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday—Good For You, Good For The Futuristic Home

The Home Office of 2001 — Original episode aired March 12, 1967, on CBS "The 21st Century"

Umhmm...  Even in the future, women are still making the beds and doing all the housework.  Pay attention to close-circuit monitor #3.  Thanks for nothin', Walter.

The kitchen of 2001

Fresh food is a thing of the past, apparently.  Looks like they're having...well, I'm not sure what's on that platter.  Let's see...hunks of mystery meat with gravy...I think I recognize tomatoes, a side of soylent green, grey balls which may or may not be potatoes.  Mmmm!


I wish I had a living room like this!

Funny...I didn't see Survivor, The Amazing Race or Big Brother on that control panel.