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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday—A Downton Abbey Week

An antidote to this week's Downton Abbey season finale 

"What's a weekend?"
What if...Downton Abbey took place entirely on facebook?  Imagine that all of the players on Downton Abbey were facebook friends, and the events of every episode played out on their news feeds.

Tom would post his political opinions with regards to the "oppressor sheep." Lord Grantham would wish for a dislike button.  Lady Mary would add her two cents.  Edith would frequently change her relationship status.  Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes would carry on.  And, Mr. Barrow and Jimmy would iron out their differences in a public forum.  Good stuff, indeed!  

The man we loved to hate 
There are few reasons why I'd log onto facebook these days, but I would log on every hour if there were a real-time Downton running commentary.
the most shocking episode of the season
The happy folks at Happy have been kind enough to indulge Downton addicts by providing a hilarious & complete facebook recap of Season 3.  

Click HERE for Episodes 1 - 3

Click HERE for Episodes 4 - 7 

mary & mathew's wedding
It's a fun way to finish off this captivating series, and for those of us who may be going through DA withdrawl this Sunday, it's just a little bit more Downton to get us through the week!