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Wednesday—Good For You, Good For 60's Bike Safety

Be Alert  •  Obey The Rules  •  Stay Alive

A little like the Hunger Games circa 1961.  Brought to you by the same folks who gave us high school driver's ed during the 1970's.  

I like the last page where they cover all of the other ways that kids could accidentally kill themselves, playing in leaf piles being one of them.  As if 24 pages of frame-by-frame fatal accidents weren't enough to scare the beejezus out of 1960's kids.  Perhaps, THE GUN the kid is waving around would be a greater hazard, but I guess no one got hurt until the truck transporting a gasoline drum, a box of ammo, and a carton of rat poison, backed over one of their heads and decided to spin a brodie.  

Pretty much every kid in this fun little safety booklet published by the Clark County Sheriff's Department Police Safety Council, bites it.  That's because all of the accidents portrayed in the cartoon vignettes are taken from actual police Dragnet, which ended two years before the b…