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Wednesday—Good for You, Good for March Madness

I'm catching up, so even though this is a Wednesday post, I wrote it on Sunday during the third round

Here are a couple of good links for those of you who are still in it.

Printable bracket

March Madness Team Mascots

My Blown Brackets
Betrayed by the West!

Sadly, my bracket was blown when Harvard lost to Arizona, because I chose Belmont over Arizona.  There is a certain amount of poetic justice to this.  I am being punished by the college basketball gods for a.) going against a Western team in the Western region and b.) going against a neighboring state to my home state of Nevada.  Belmont had 13 straight wins, and they beat Duke earlier in the season.  Even though they were ranked in the bottom half, it was no more unreasonable to expect an 11th place team like Belmont to upend an 8th place team like Arizona than it was to expect 10th place Iowa State to blow out No. 2 Notre Dame.

Rewarded in the East, but still blown

I was rewarded in the East with CAL over UNLV.  I know, it was a tough…