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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday—The Photoshop Gallery

My pix from this week...

The first one was done entirely in Photoshop.  We were given a source photo to play with, so I sunk it behind some really big text, added a yellow background and a grunge texture, plus that cool date stamp (June 6 for Caralee's birthday), and saved it as a jpeg.

Let's Go To The Beach

Then, I dropped the whole thing into that neat grunge frame created by Leslie Nicole of French Kiss Collections.  Super fun!

This second photo started out as the key photographed against a white piece of poster board.  I added a black chalkboard background and lightened it up, erased the texture from the key, the string, and the tag, making sure to keep all of the natural shadows.  Then, I added the George Eastman quote in white text. 

Key 2 Photography 

The assignment was to follow a tutorial on creating a chalkboard effect with text, so that it looks as though the text were written in chalk.  Pretty cool, huh?  And, fun too!