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Sunday—Have a Mature Week

Wisdom from our garage refrigerator

For years, we had a refrigerator that held magnets.

It was the Pinterest of our home, before anyone thought of creating a website for pinning up their favorite things.  PinIt! would have been a better name because to me Pinterest looks like either Pint-erest or Pine-interest.

Anyhoo, when the old fridge gave out, we replaced it with a steel front refrigerator that does not hold magnets.  It's a real inconvenience, and if I'd known that the new fridge does not hold magnets, I probably would have shopped around for a different style.  Our fridge was more than our family bulletin board.  It was an ongoing art project and an expression of who we are.

Business cards, awards, notes, poetry, newspaper clippings, family photos, lists, health advice, postcards, and school artwork—all reminders of our accomplishments, our goals, and our unique identity as a family.  Everyone was represented, including our family members of fur.

The magnets and all of…