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Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday—Convo With Your Cat Corner

What is your cat really saying?

Write your name in real cats!  I promise, you'll love it!  Check it out below...

italk kitty
I ran across this fun Cat to English chart by Wendy MacNaughton on how to understand what cats are saying to us.  Click HERE   

Cat owners know that certain breeds are more vocal than others.  Some, like Maine Coons and Siamese, talk incessantly and have a lot to say.  When we inherited my sister's cats five years ago, I was amazed at how often these cats tried to communicate.  It was as though I were the woefully inept human, and they were speaking to me in perfectly clear sentences.  

They were also freakishly adept with their hands.  I say "hands" because these cats have fine motor skills on the level of a first grader.  These cats can open doors and hold pens.  They all knew their own names, the names of the other cats, and pretty soon our names.  It was immediately clear that they all understood, "No kitty, no!"  

Clara (pictured above) understood "cupboard," "closet," "underwear drawer," and "swinging from the chandelier."  Impressive!

Tiggy had a pretty good idea what I meant whenever I'd say, "OMG!!  I can't believe you peed there, again.  You're going to the pound, TODAY!"

Nestor is part circus-cat, part-vampire.  His vocab consists mainly of squeaks and growls.  Although, he did tell us how much he enjoyed terrifying the questionable cat sitter we hired.  

Snowie, the senior citizen of the bunch, doesn't need to say a lot.  She is quiet and dignified.  

Clara, by far, is the quirkiest and has the most to say...

Understanding Clara

And, if you want a cat font that converts everything into actual cats, here you go!  

Click HERE  for Cat Typography by Mondo Raizo at NekoFont (not a font download, just a fun thing to do)