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Tuesday's Cupboard—Birthday Cake!

Yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting

My search for the perfect birthdaycake continues.  I tried this one from Smitten Kitchen, and it turned out a little dry.  Story of my life!  I probably over-measured the flour, so I'd be careful with this recipe and weigh out the flour.  Measuring flour is a little tricky.  You can't pack it too dense, but you have to make up for loft with a little mounding when you measure, so there is an art to it.  Since this cake turned out dry on my first attempt, I'd recommend weighing the flour instead of measuring it.

It is good, though!  Definitely worth a second attempt.  And, for a scratch cake, it is fun to make & pretty easy!

Also...Make sure that the eggs are at room temp.  This can affect how the cake rises, so if you don't want a wet middle surrounded by fluffy cake, let them come to room temp (let eggs sit for 15 minutes in warm water to bring to room temp if straight out of the fridge).  

This cake is on the dense side, …