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Saturday, April 13, 2013

tHE sAtURdaY sTOre—Pretty in Blue Post-Modern Necklace $20

I meant to post this along with the Pretty in Pink necklace last month, but I had to fly to Orlando for the PS convention.  So, here it is!

Price:  $20 + free shipping


Cool in blue
This is a double strand of blue, turquoise, gold & white beads.  The royal blue swirled beads are glass, the large gold beads and tiny silver seed beads are plastic, and the 2-tone turquoise beads are a lightweight styro-plastic material.  The clasps are silvertone molded plastic in very good condition with several leads to adjust the hang length.

Lightweight and comfortable, this necklace would look great with any vintage ensemble, casual or formal.

silvertone clasps & 7 lead beads to adjust the hang length

7" to 9" hang length

Stylish post-modern design

Pink & blue vintage fashion