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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday's Cupboard—On the Road Travel Food!

A recap of this week...

On my way to Orlando to attend the Photoshop World 2013 conference!  

4 a.m.  Get up in Walnut Creek_inhale coffee

5 a.m.  Leave for the Oakland airport

6:30 a.m  Depart Oakland

8:10 a.m.  Arrive in Las Vegas at the C gates.  Booked it over to the B gates where I grabbed a tasty veggie burrito to eat on the plane at 360° Gourmet Burrito.  Bought a dark chocolate mocha and a yummy chocolate-covered graham cracker at the Coffee Bean.  Drank the coffee & saved the cookie for coffee time in my room at the hotel.


It's worth it to check ahead and see what kind of coffee maker they have in your room.  Most of the hotels are converting to K-pod coffee makers these days, so pick up a box of Starbucks k-pods for Keurig coffee makers at the grocery store & pack it in your luggage.

Hotels advertise that they have in-room coffee makers, but either they charge you for the pods—like they do at the Rio in Vegas—or they don't have much of a selection (tea, hazelnut & a mystery-pod).  I usually have 2 strong cups of k-coffee every morning when I'm traveling, so I bring a box of 10 dark-roast Starbuck's k-pods with me.

9 a.m.  Board the plane for a 3 hour 40 minute flight to Orlando.

            •  More coffee
            •  Ice water
            •  barfy little honey-roasted peanuts
            •  got a pack of vanilla Oreos to take to the hotel

3: 45 p.m.  Land in Orlando.  Pick up my pre-arranged shuttle van to the Peabody Hotel.

5: 45 p.m.  Check in at the Peabody.  Drop my stuff off in my room & hustle up a flight of stairs to the complimentary wine & cheese for guests in the Loft rooms (on the top 3 floors of the hotel).  Got there just in time before they closed at 6 p.m.

Complimentary wine & cheese!
7 p.m.  Ordered a Pizza Fungi Mista from room service (wild mushrooms, goat cheese, garlic, truffle oil & Asiago cheese).

8 p.m.  (5 p.m. Cali time)  Nitey-nite!

On the way to ground transportation at MCO

Tram to the Mears desk where I picked up my hotel shuttle
Peabody Hotel from the Orange County Convention Center
View from my LOFT room on the 25th Floor at the Peabody
Mushroom pizza with Asiago cheese from room service

 Love_love_love Florida!