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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday—The Photoshop World 2013 Instructors' Gallery

These guys were my favorite instructors at PSW 13

I want to say that I gave all of the instructors that I had at the Photoshop World 2013 conference in Orlando excellent ratings.  They were simply amazing!

The beautiful Orange County Convention Center

Having said that, there were a few who really lit a fire and made my spirit soar.  More than once, I caught myself sitting in the audience with my jaw dropped wondering how they did it.  And then...they would tell us!  For me, it was nothing short of a transcendent experience to hear these artists reveal the inner workings of their craft.  And with that, each one revealed his passion for the creative process that drives every artist to pursue excellence.


I took 3 classes from Matt:  Landscapes, Restoration Crash Course, and The Art of Dodging & Burning.

Matt's landscape portfolio (give it time to load)


I took a class in Composition & Design from Joe that blew my mind and made me wish I'd gone to design school!

Joe Glyda Photography

Click the Galleries link in the bottom left corner > then click the Food gallery > wait for the slideshow to load (you'll be so glad you did!)


"I really like to photograph rocks."  Me, too!   I was dazzled by Bill's work.

Bill's photography

Wait for the slideshow to proceed


I loved his class on Styling Ideas that Don't Cost an Arm and A Leg.  Frank is one of the most imaginative photographers I've ever seen.  He uses fans, Kleenexes, inexpensive window sheers and lots of other everyday stuff to create truly amazing glamour shots.

Check out his fashion gallery...

frank doorhoff 500px