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Saturday, April 27, 2013

tHe SAtUrdAY stOrE—A sparkly cummerbund & bow tie!

Celebrating 39 years since our first date—Prom 1974

A snappy ensemble!

This is a vintage silk & sequin, gold, silver & black cummerbund with a matching clasp bow tie.

Perfect for the Black & White Ball, classy & fun for Prom Night or Senior Ball, stylin' at any formal event!  

History:  The set was worn once to an event in 1994.  All of the sequins are intact, and there are no snags or stains.  The clasps & buckles are also in very good condition.  Originally purchased from Nordstrom's.

Condition:  Excellent (worn once, slight crease on back of cummerbund, see pix)  

Price:  $40 + free shipping!


Black silk + black, gold, & silver sequins

3 flowers design

left cummerbund buckle

right cummerbund buckle

Front of cummerbund (note the slight crease at the top)

back of cummerbund flipped over (the crease is now at the bottom) 

Long view of the cummerbund

back of the bow tie & clasps

black, gold, & silver sequins

top to bottom cummerbund with buckles