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Wednesday—Good For You, Good For Your Website

Here's a short & sweet tip for adding a print feature to your blog — This is easy, I promise!


I noticed yesterday that the print button at the end of my blog posts had disappeared.  You know how these things happen...Stuff just mysteriously disappears because the Internet gremlins are playing tricks again.  That's my explanation, anyway.

I remembered that I had a printfriendly gadget, and after a quick search, I found their website.  What's cool about the printfriendly button is that it optimizes webpages for print.  It allows readers to sift through the content and select only what they want to print.  And, it's FREE!  Thank you, printfriendly!!

I really like it for printing recipes.

Click HERE to watch a quick video on how it works.

Installing it on blogger/blogspot is so simple!

1.  Choose a site type (website, • blogger/blogspot,,, drupal)

2.  Choose the button graphic you want to use,

3.  Install the widget