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Tuesday's Cupboard—Zeebo's Sandwich GIF

Zak brought me half of the off-menu sandwich he made at Ike's today!  YUM

If you haven't been to Ike's in Walnut Creek (across from the Container Store) or to the Ike's in Danville (just off of Railroad Ave down from the high school), you are missing the best sandwiches in the Bay Area.  I am not kidding.  They are freaking awesome and worth every cent down to the last juicy, delicious bite.  They also have Ike's in Oakland, SF, Santa Rosa, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Stanford & Salinas.

Check out the amazing menu from the SF Ike's HERE

Ike's Place has a special fun vibe that is hard to explain.  It brings much needed friendliness and genuine cool to downtown whitebread Walnut Creek.  There is practically no seating, but who cares? Grab a bag of jalepeño chips (they're hot!) and a cold bottle of pop and shut the hell up and wait for your delicious sandwich!  Chill, brah...Seriously, they need one of these in Kona on the Big Island.

Enough said.  They cha…