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Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday—The Photoshop Gallery

My pix from this week

This first photo is a lesson about collections. We were supposed to photograph things that we've collected, but since I'm all about decluttering these days, I don't have a lot of collections!  These are minerals I kept from jars of Ojav├án bath salts.

Black tourmaline = alleviate negative thoughts & worry
Amethyst = protection & stress relief
Celestite (blue rocks) = calm & clarity
Rose quartz = soothes the heart
Quartz crystal = energy & amplifies other crystals
Citrine = intellectual energy & creativity

This photo was shot on a white background with a handpainted watercolor spot texture (by Leslie Nicole of French Kiss Collections) applied as a layer on top of the photo.  I erased the texture away from the rocks.

icollect minerals!

It was also apple week!

This one was done in Lightroom + PS3 + PS5 + Radlab

3apples on vintage linen_cropped 1:1

I always like to try it in B&W 

B&W with a slight warming filter & a grunge texture to add softness

This next series started with the first photo in PS.  This variety of apple is called, Pink Lady.  I sent the finished pic out to my iPhone and ran it through different treatments in Autopainter I, II & III.  Then, I sent all of the pix back to my email, then to my iPhoto library, then back into PS to reduce the image size for blogger's photo preferences.

4pinkladies_this is what I started with (PS + 2 textures)

4pinkladies_Autopainter I Benson_soft & bright

4pinkladies_APII  Felt Tip_I love the bold strokes of Felt Tip 

4pinkladies_AP II Book_ kind of a neat sketch treatment

AP III d'Orcia_4pinkladies_I love the rich color & Impressionistic style of d'Orcia
My fave!