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Tuesday's Cupboard—Jeweled Rice

A beautiful Cali-Persian dish by Bay Area chef, Samin Nosrat

I've simplified & adapted this recipe to fit my cooking habits by skipping the oven baking and by substituting readily available ingredients like dried cranberries & whole pecans for the harder-to-find barberries & raw pistachios.

Click HERE for Samin's original recipe from Bon Appétit, June 2013

This recipe is delicious baked in the oven & served as leftovers the next day.

Do ahead:  Make the fruit & nut mixture up to 2 days ahead.  Cover & refrigerate the saffron mixture up to 1 day ahead.

Jeweled Rice Serves 6 Prep Time:  1 hour + 10 mins
•  1/4 c. raw shelled natural pistachios (or roughly chopped raw shelled pecans) •  1 small bag of slivered raw almonds (1/2 c.) •  2 c. basmati rice •  kosher salt •  1 clean naval orange without flaws •  1/2. c. granulated sugar •  1 bag julienned carrots or 2 medium carrots, peeled & julienned •  1/2 c. dried cranberries (or 1/4 c. dried ba…