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Sunday—Have A Happy Father's Day Week

I saw this fun website by Greg Pembroke, father of 21-month old Charlie and 3-year old William, and had to share.    

For all of the dads whose kids are crying for perfectly logical not wanting to share the grocery cart leg hole with a sibling.  Welcome to fresh Dad Hell!  This dad tweets & takes pix of his kids crying and invites others to join in.  I love it!

It's a fact of life that kids cry for all sorts of trivial reasons that parents can appreciate and enjoy.  Well, it's not so much fun at the time, but let's say later...much later, we can look back and remember that it really was as bad as it seemed at the time.  We've all been in the crying zone!  It's just that dads tend to take it in stride and not let it ruin their day.   
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Here's to all of the dads and what they teach us about courage & confidence, manning up to life's challenges, and FUN.  Serious, cr…