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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home: Vacuum Maintenance

Zen & the Art of Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

My trusty vac
Model:  Hoover Windtunnel Model No. UH70120

It's important to know how to take apart your vacuum cleaner in order to keep it in good running condition for more than a year.  I've gone through about a dozen vacuum cleaners over the years, including the apartment and dorm vacuums that I bought for the kids.

I've had a top-of-the-line Dyson (useless, don't waste your money) and a series of mid-line Hoovers and Eurekas.  I stuck with Eurekas for a long time because they were reliable and sturdy, but they were heavy, and I needed a vacuum cleaner that could navigate stairs easily.  I switched up to Hoovers when Hoover came out with the bagless Windtunnel series, and I've been happy with them ever since.

Today, I want to show you how to clean a vacuum cleaner.  It's easy if you have the right model, and if you have a good You Tube video to help guide you through the steps.  I highly recommend the how-to You Tube series by Crucial Vacuum.  They have a variety of instructional videos for Dyson, Shark, Hoover Tempo Widepath, and Hoover Windtunnel T-Series (like I have).

How to Replace the Belt for Hoover Windtunnel T-Series by Crucial Vacuum

So, here we go!  Start with a sunny warm day.  Things dry quicker outside.

You'll need:  a hose, some kitchen wipes, a damp rag, a dustbuster

Do this outside
1.  Remove the cannister, empty it into a plastic garbage bag & toss the contents into the garbage.

2.  Pop the top off of the rinsable filter & rinse it clean with a hose.  Set it aside to dry in the sun.

3.  Unlatch the swing plate from the bottom of the cannister.  Rinse the top and the bottom of the cannister out with a hose making sure to power wash the inside compartment of the cannister—stuff collects in there.  Turn the cannister on its side to rinse the inside compartment.  Set aside to dry in the sun.

Rinse the cannister & filter with the hose & let dry outside

Follow the video
Nicole is great, and this is so simple!  You're going to open up the vacuum cleaner the same way...

4.  Open the vacuum up with the foot pedal and turn it onto its face with the back of the vacuum facing up.

5.  Unlock the bottom plate by simply unlocking the red latches as indicated by the arrows.

6.   Shake debris from the bottom plate into the garbage and rinse off the bottom plate in the utility sink or with the hose.  Set aside to dry on a towel or outside in the sun.

7.  Back to the vacuum:  Detach the brush roller from the belt as shown in the video.  Remove as much debris and material from the brush roller as you can (strings, hair, etc.).  You may have to use a pair of manicure scissors to release long strands and unwind them from the roller.  Wipe it down with a couple of kitchen wipes to remove debris that is stuck in the bristles.  Set aside.

8.  Use your dustbuster to suck out dust and dirt from the interior of the vacuum.  Use a damp cloth to wipe the interior clean.

9.  Check the condition of the belt.  Order a replacement online, if necessary.

10.  Reattach the roller as shown in the video.  Make sure that the belt is in the correct place on the roller.  Just line up the square notch on the non-belt end and pop it back into the slot.  While holding down the non-belt side, stretch the belt and force the roller into the notch.  It will pop right back in with only a little effort.

11.  Give the roller brush a couple of turns to make sure that it's in place properly.

12.  Reattach the bottom plate by lining up the 3 notches on the bottom edge of the vacuum.  Lock it back into place with the red locks.

13.  Set the vacuum upright.  Go get the cannister and the filter after they have dried completely.  Snap the cannister back into place and VOILĂ€!

Good as new & Good for You!!  

Find the model no. on the back of the vacuum

Remove the cannister before you clean the roller compartment

Clean the roller & check the belt (on the left hand side under the red latch)

Reassembled & good as new!