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Saturday, June 22, 2013

tHE sATurDaY sToRE—Harold's Club License Plate Topper c.1940's

A cool piece of advertising history from one of  Reno's original iconic casinos

Named after Harold "Pappy" Smith

"Harold's Club or Bust!" was the advertising brainchild of casino club owner and local philanthropist, Harold "Pappy" Smith.  Billboards and signs began to appear in California and eventually reached 45 other states by the mid-60's.

It would make a nice addition to any collection of Nevada memorabilia!  Great for anyone from the Northern part of the state.

Check these recent listings:

•  Ebay —  $55.03 — Sold April 7, 2013
•  Ebay —  $200 — Current listing
•  Hakes Americana & Collectibles — $86.25 — Sold March 21, 2012
•  Ebay (brown cows) — $31 + $22.99 shipping — Sold 9 June 2013

Size:  8" x 13-7/8" flat

Condition:  Used — Nice vintage!  Rust around the attachment slots & edges of plate; slight warp on front end (see photo); no cracks or tears; clear bright colors.  Manufacturer's vertical marks in white are clearly visible in the bottom right corner.  Red cows.


Manufacturer's marks

Description:  Silkscreened steel c. early 1940's


Price:  $50 + free shipping!

Slightly warped
Clear, bright colors
Red cows (v. brown cows)
Slight discoloration on the back
Wear on back
Back of plate