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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday—Good For You, Good For The Home: Keurig K-Pod Mini

i ❤ my Keurig k-pod mini!

Freshly-brewed single serve coffee, tea or hot cider

Check out this great little single-serve coffee maker from Keurig!  Uber-cute & practical, it uses individual k-pods to brew a fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot cider.  K-pods can be purchased at Safeway and Target in a variety of blends by dozens of manufacturers, including Starbuck's, Gevalia, Peets, Donut House and Twinings.

Starbucks makes 18-count packages that cost around $18.  K-pods also come in variety packs that can be ordered off of Amazon (35-count variety pack for $21.49 on Amazon Prime).


How It Works
Each pod contains real ground coffee and a paper filter.  It works exactly the same way that a fresh pot of coffee is brewed, just on a smaller scale.

The One I Use
The model I have is the Keurig mini coffee maker, available on Amazon Prime for $88 up to $119, depending on your choice of color.  There are 10 colors to choose from:  Flash green, red, turquoise, orange, black, white, platinum gray, yellow, blue and purple.

Love the compact size!

Keurig makes several other k-pod brewers that are larger & heavier and include water storage reservoirs, so you don't need to refill the dispenser every time you use it, like you do with the mini.  I like the mini, however, because each cup requires a fresh refill of water, so it brews a fresher cup.  It's a dorm-size, light-weight machine that does not take up a lot of counter space.  It seems a little flimsy for a $100 machine, but I love the diminutive size and the small-size convenience of moving it when I need to clean the counter.

How to Brew
Fill up the cup, pour it into the top of the coffee maker, pop in the k-pod, hit the brew button, wait for the water to heat for a minute, then voilĂ —a hot & tasty beverage!  And, this cool little machine turns off by itself after 2 minutes, so you don't have to worry about leaving it on.  Extra drips are caught by the pull-out tray underneath the dispenser, which can be cleaned out when needed.  Compared to the amount of drips and dribbles that I used to get with my Tassimo, the Keurig mini is practically drip-free!

For Hotels
A lot of hotels are switching over to in-room k-pod brewers.  Unless they provide complimentary k-pods, hotels charge by the pod.  So, check ahead and bring your own favorite blend.

What I Love About This Machine
What's great about a k-pod brewer is the ease of use and the wide selection of hot beverages, plus the freshness of real brewed.  Flavor-wise, it's better than instant, and it takes about as much time to make as a cup of instant in the microwave.  Cost-wise, k-pods are affordable, and coupons are available through Safeway's Just-For-You club card program.