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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday—A New KittyCat Blog!

KattyTales: The Adventures of Seven Much Loved Cats

This blog is for anyone who has ever had to leave their animals with a house sitter.

When you're not a pet parent, it sounds simple enough.  Hire a reasonably competent person to take care of the pets and the house, water the plants, and pick up the mail for a week or two...easy-peasy!

Leaving a pet, however, is not like asking someone to water the ferns or take the garbage down to the curb on garbage night.  There's a little sentient being behind those adoring golden eyes, and when the humans are gone, they are missed.  We miss our fur friends and fret over how much they will miss us, especially when we leave a sick animal in someone else's care.

That is why this blog was created.  I am housesitting 3 krazy kittycats for a couple of weeks, and this is a daily journal of their adventures at Camp DontStealMyPen.

Click HERE to visit KattyTales