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Saturday, June 29, 2013

tHe sATurDaY sToRE—Nevada Gold Mine Postcard c.1908

An exceptionally lovely vintage Nevada mining postcard

Neat vintage postcard showing gold miners, the state seal & sunflowers

For mining enthusiasts, vintage postcard collectors & Nevada historians!

Condition:  Excellent (unused, with a handwritten message from the sender)

Enclosed in a plastic inner sleeve + a non-bendable protective outer pocket

Price:  $25 + free shipping

Date & Description:  Copyright 1908 by Williamson-Haffner Co., Denver—This neat color postcard predates the 1917 designation of the sagebrush as the official state flower.


Dated 105 years ago, this postcard shows the sunflower and the state seal with a banner reading, "All For Our Country."  The motto was later changed to "Battle Born."  Next to the flower & seal is a neat color inset of 3 miners hauling ore out of a snow-covered mountainside.

This poem is above the inset:

Golden Sunshine on they plains,
In thy mountains, golden veins,
Truly hath the sunflower told, 
That thou art as good as gold.

Unused, but hand-inscribed by the sender in black ink...

Hand-written message from the sender - unstamped & unposted
"4   I guess you are tired of this nonsense so I will close hoping this bunch of cards will please you

As ever your friend


Wm V. Rossen"

On the back:  PLACE STAMP HERE.  DOMESTIC ONE CENT.  FOREIGN TWO CENTS.  (Unstamped & unposted)

Very cool POST CARD font & American flag graphic stamped in antique gold color

Cool antique gold printed graphic & text on back