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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday—The Pop Culture Corner

You need to know this!  From the fantastic brainy blog, Mental Floss

44 Fictional Character Names That You Need to Know 
In Order To Live Harmoniously for 
The Rest of Your Life

What's his first name?
Or not.  No, really!  I, for one, am really happy that I finally know the real names of The Skipper and The Professor from Gilligan's Island.  It's surprisingly gratifying to know these things.

I finally know the real first name of Mr. Clean.  Bet you didn't know that Barbie & Ken are brother & sister in real life.  Seriously, they are named after a real life brother and sister duo.  Yoda's first name?  Just sayin'...

Sit back and enjoy!

Thnx to John Green for this fun piece!

Click HERE to watch the video on the Mental Floss website