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Saturday, July 13, 2013

tHe sATurDAy SToRe—Nevada Magazine Official Centennial Issue 1964

Nevada Magazine Official Centennial Issue 1864 - 1964

Charles R. Bell, Editor & Publisher

This is packed full of awesome Nevada articles, ads & pix, including some interesting photos from the Nevada Test Site.  Gotta love the Anderson Dairy ad on Page 165 showing a beauty queen standing on top of a station wagon /parade float.  Tons of interesting content more than make up for the minor condition notes (a page is missing, plus there are 2 missing clippings).    

Price:  $15 (free shipping)

Condition:  Acceptable (close enough)

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front cover

back cover

2 condition notes:  A page is torn out (missing p. 121 & 122)
In addition, clippings were taken on pages 147 & 155 

Cool 60's graphics_Harrah's ad

Thunderbirds article

Neat 2-page apread of the Strip taken from the top of the new Dunes highrise_photo by Merle Richards