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Sunday—One Hundred Days

Setting a 100-day goal

One hundred days from today is Tuesday, November 26, 2013.  It will be the 330th day in the 48th week of the year.  Thanksgiving will be two days away.  What will you be doing?  Where will you be?

Emma Rogan's 100 Days Project focuses on the creative process and a readiness to work toward a goal.  It is a method for breaking through procrastination and creative stagnation.  And, it's simple:

One thing.  Every day.  x100.

"Good things will come from the rigorous repetition of a process or idea over the 100 days."  ~100 Days Project

The same concept can also work when it is framed as a personal growth project or a happiness project or a healthy living project or even a home improvement project.  Try something new for 100 days.

Do one completely positive thing every day for 100 days.
Organize your home for 100 days.
Read books for 100 days.
Write your novel for 100 days.
100 daily photos.
Exercise for 45 minutes every day for 100 days.
Eat hea…