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Wednesday—Good for You, Good for Your Hair

This could be useful!

Okay, this is interesting...Morninghead

Click HERE to see how it works

It's a shower cap, it's a washcloth, it's a great way to fix unruly hair!  And, it's cheap.  $10 for 2 caps

Obviously invented by guys who needed to rinse their heads in the sink, there are other practical uses to consider.

Wash Your Cat
I would use this to clean my cat.  Just snip the elastic to even out the fabic, and you've got a fast & easy way to wipe the dirt and dander off of your kitty friend.  Start at the face and quickly work your way down her sides and back.  No mess and fast!  This would be especially helpful for older senior cats who have a hard time grooming their fur.

Cool Your Dog
Dogs have no sweat glands, so they can overheat pretty quickly.  Give your doggerz a cool rubdown on hot summer days.  Take one to the park and on long walks.

Easy to pack & they take up practically no room!  These would be very useful on family car trips.  At a rest sto…