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Saturday, August 3, 2013

tHe sATurDaY sToRE—Good Housekeeping Cookbook Recipes and Methods

From the cover:  "For Every Day and Every Occasion_Tested, Tasted, and Approved in Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchens"  --Stamped with the original Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

This cookbook was my gramma Pearle's favorite cookbook, and it is not for sale.  But, I thought you might be interested in what's inside...

My grandmother's favorite cookbook

My grandmother was a native Nevadan, a great Las Vegas hostess, and a helluva cook.  Dinners at her house were served at her maplewood dining room table set with a flannel pad underneath a linen tablecloth, cloth napkins, and matching cutlery.  I learned to set a table the right way at her house.  She served meals that took all day to make, and when we arrived, the house smelled like heaven.

Thanksgiving dinner according to the Good Housekeeping Institute
(Dad's hair is kinda rad)

She made old-fashioned Sunday dinners of roast beef and mashed potatoes with creamed broccoli or pork chops and baked apples with cheddar potatoes au gratin and braised brussel sprouts.  And, there was always a special dessert of freshly baked pie à la mode or cheese cake with cherry topping.

Inside cover_Southern Peach Pie & Sweet Potato Bisquits

Beer and cocktails preceded dinner, along with Planters salted nut mix and the occasional chip & dip.  We knew that it was time for dessert when we could hear the percolator brewing fresh coffee in the kitchen.

I was ecstatic to find her old cookbook, but even more grateful to stumble upon her recipe for white pomegranate jelly handwritten on the inside back cover.

White pomegranate jelly_Mexican candy (kinda like Stuckey's)_Red Pom Jelly

My gram would be so pleased to know that her great-grandson is a professional cook.  I still make white pom jelly with fruit from her tree in Boulder City.  :)