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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday—Have An Photosharing Week

Wondering where to move now that Flikr is officially FUBAR (Flicked Up Beyond All Recognition)?

Since Flikr rolled out its new tiling format, everyone is looking for a new place to share photos.

First things first...

What went wrong with Flikr?

Here's a great article by Mat Honan (How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet_Gizmodo, 15 May 2013) re: the corporate dev issues within Flikr that created the clumsy behemoth it is today.  Mat's post is totally worth a read if you are interested in how a good successful startup gets eaten alive by internal groupthink.


My old timey photo archives


Click HERE to go to 500px, my choice for photo sharing.

It's elegant, powerful and easy to use.  Professional photographers use this site which makes it both educational and inspiring.  Don't let that scare you off!  It simply raises the bar for personal achievement, and photography, like all art forms, is a combination of both skill and aesthetics.  The more I know, the better my work will be, so this is also a learning opportunity.    

A really nice new feature is the portfolio option for highlighting your best work.  Choose from any of their themed templates, and make your beautiful photos really sparkle.  And, if you want to sell your work, it has a marketplace feature.

I also love the slick connections to other social media sites like facebook, twitter and Flikr, as well as linkups to personal blogs and websites.

The company is based in Toronto and was founded in April 2004, so it is industry established.  It is an online meeting place for serious photographers to share their work.

Click HERE if you want to know more about the company.


Pricing is free for up to 20 uploads per week.  I paid $25 for the basic package with unlimited uploads.  The pro pack is $75 for all of the basic features, plus detailed analytics.

Other Choices — My 2 Cents

Twitter (free)
As much as I ❤ twitter, I wouldn't use it as a primary photo sharing website.  I love twitpics, but when I think of sharing my body of work, I don't think of twitter.  Besides, twitter was not designed as a photo sharing site.  It's the world's best instantaneous communications device that includes photo sharing, but it is not known as a premier photo storage/sharing website.  I still like twitter for what it does best.  140 characters is as powerful as its gets when it comes social broadcasting (imho).

DeviantART (free + individual subscriptions)
If you like lots of pix of big-busted anime superheroes, this is the place.  I like the diversity of DA, but I don't like sifting through tons of crap that reminds me of high school notebook cover doodles.  It is an artists' community, not just for photographers, so you get all kinds of creative & interesting work.  If you are looking for a focus on photography, there is a section for that, plus a lot more (e.g. font artists, PS brushes, fractal graphics, cartooning, filmmaking, traditional art, 3D, etc.).  Think of DeviantART as deviations in art and a divergence of interests representing a multiformity of artists.  That is the core strength of this online community.

BÄ“hance (free)
Again, not just for photography.  This website is a great way to showcase photography, graphic design, interactive design, art direction, and illustration.  It's kind of like Pinterest for posting creative work.  

Instagram (free)
What's not to love about Instagram?  It is the best at what it was designed to do which is to create quality snapshots and provide instantaneous access for sharing.  I've always loved the inherent casual tone of Instagram.  It's like looking at a pile of snapshots over a cup of coffee with your best friend.  It's friendly, fast, and a great way to post pix of newborns, weddings and family vacations.  Instagram & 500px are just different ways of sharing two distinct kinds of photography, one based on snapshots and one geared toward professional standards.  There is room for both!

Be brave!  Move on, and may the Force be with you!