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Tuesday's Cupboard—Zucchini-Pomodoro Pizza

Original recipe from WeightWatchers ®, Pizza, Pizza 2003

This yummy topping is perfect for a 10" Boboli thin-crust pizza!  The rich flavors of the roasted plum tomatoes (i.e. pomodoro), fresh rosemary, fresh oregano, and fried zucchini-garlic make this a light & simple summer meal.  I sprinkled grated parmesan and romano cheeses on top of the veggies before I popped the pizza into the oven.

Zucchini - Pomodoro Pizza
Makes 6 slices from a 10" crust_2-1/2 cups topping

PREP TIME:  15 minutes to chop the veggies + 30 mins to roast the tomatoes + 10 mins pizza baking time = 55 mins
EQUIPMENT:  Roasting pan, nonstick foil, olive oil PAM, large nonstick skillet

•  1 lb. fresh plum tomatoes, sliced lengthwise, then cut into thick slices •  1 5" sprig of fresh rosemary, leaves whole or chopped (depending on your preference) •  kosher salt •  Olive oil PAM
•  1 T. olive oil •  2 medium zucchini, sliced whole into 1/4" pieces •  2 T. chopped garlic (I used jarred in wa…