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Saturday, August 10, 2013

tHe sATuRdAY sToRE—Everyday Life in Town and Country by Ethel Maltyby Gehres

Everyday Life in Town and Country by Ethel Maltby Gehres; published by The John C. Winston Company, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas.  © 1938; Illustrated hardback.

"Specially posed photographs by Ralph H. Bair"

This is a super-neat little early reader about everyday life in urban and rural America, from growing cotton and making cloth to building houses and flying on airplanes.  

It is written in continuous story form with running dialogue among the regular characters.  The kids are Bill and his friend, Skipper; Faith, her friend, Connie, and Faith's big sister, Mary Jane; Sam and his little brother, Don; Uncle Jack, the orange grower; Mr. Winters, the baker; Mr. Fields, the airport man; Jack, the Milkman; a bunch of contractors who look just like contractors still look today; the new boy who moves in next door; and of course, Mother and Father.

It takes place in the South wherever there are cotton fields.  192 new words are introduced at the end of the story which appear in the next book in the series, Everyday Life, Book 2.

A fun little historical piece with lots of photos of kids growing up in a much simpler time!  

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Condition note:  Minor damage to the lower edge of the binding

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Large print for early readers