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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday—Microworld 1980

By none other than our Trek hero, the Main Man of the Cosmos, the Captain himself...Mister William Shatner!!!

I am missing the Star Trek convention this weekend in Las Vegas, so I am sharing this really cool educational vid done for AT&T directed by Paul H. Cohen starring a svelte Bill Shatner.

Lawrence Hall of Science_Berkeley, CA_1979
Photo by Steve Nelson_edits by tjn

Why is it cool, you ask?  For starters, the trippy soundtrack, the excellent retro filmography (by Michael Livesey), Bill at his on-camera best, and supercool shots of early electronics.  If that's not enough, there's a closeup of an eyeball compared to a chip, lots of really cool TRON-like graphics, and Bill uses the term, "far out," more than once.  

As a technology timeline piece, it makes you realize how far we've come in 33 years.  I love the shots toward the end of the video of the future engineers of the 1980's and 90's.

ENJOY the video!  This should play on your iPad

Here's what I was doing the year before this video was made...I was a senior at CAL

Working in the Biology Lab_LHS 1979
Photo by SteveNelson

Getting ready for a dinner_Photo by SteveNelson