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Tuesday's Cupboard—Strawberry Cups with Raspberry-Mascarpone

These delectable little treats were passed around during cocktail hour at the wedding reception we attended last month in Oregon

Adapted from SIMPLY GOURMET by Sherron Watson

They would be fantastic served with chilled champagne at a Sunday brunch or  a wedding shower.  For a formal white theme, switch up the dark chocolate for white and add pearlized white edible beads instead of plain white.

Click HEREfor pearlized edible beads from (my fave for baking supplies)

Strawberry Cups with  Raspberry ~ Mascarpone Cheese
Equipment:  cookie sheet •  wax or parchment paper •  paring knife •  double boiler for melting the chocolate •  small mixing bowl for the filling •  1 baggie • small bowl for the edible beads


12 large strawberries
1/2 cup of melted white or dark chocolate
2 tablespoons of edible white (or pearl) decorative beads (2mm)*
1/3 cup of soft mascarpone cheese
6-8 fresh raspberries (use jam if you have that instead)
(optional) cocoa or edible disco dust 

* For a bl…