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tHe SatURdAY sToRE — Dennis The Menace Matches

Another retro treasure from Truckee!

A nearly complete carton of really cute, vintage Dennis the Menace matchbooks!23 out of the original 24 matchbooks, unused and each with an original caption, all in the original carton.  Dated 1951. 

On the back of the carton:
"This container prepared in accordance with Chapter IV Article 14 Sub-Paragraph B found on Page 45 of the 1951 Domestic Postal Guide, and can be mailed to any destination within the continental limits of the United States, providing the ends and front flap are securely fastened with heavy gummed tape.

Monogram California
2500 - 18th Street
San Francisco 10, Calif.

Made in U.S.A."

Click HERE to see a listing for a single DM matchbook in clean condition on Ebay ($7).  I am selling this as an intact collection, not individually. 

My price:  $150 for the whole box + free shipping & insurance

Contact me if you are interested!

Make sure you love it!  No refunds (it's simpler that way).