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Good for You, Good for The Home—Rainbow Centerpieces

Fresh flowers + clear vases + colored water = Cheerful, inexpensive decor

Check out this great idea for table decoration from Papery & Cakery by sisters Ali (cakery) & Niki (papery).  

All you need are bud vases, a bouquet of white daisies, water & some food coloring.  It's all about style...simple, elegant, easy & creative.  

I love them lined up to catch the sunlight!  If you had a theme color for your party, you could use different shades of the same color, e.g. dark and light pinks & reds for Valentine's Day or shades of purple for an elegant Thanksgiving table.

White daisies add a crisp white touch.  Niki points out that carnations will absorb the color.  Actually, that might be a neat way to go!

Try it & see what you can create for an everyday celebration.