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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday—The Ransom Note Corner

Letter play with  free virtual ransom note generators & downloadable fonts

Click HERE to go to a fun site for generating your own ransom notes with virtual magazine clippings.

You can also upload your own background image from your desktop.  I created a blank orange background in Photoshop Elements and saved it as a 600x600 pixel jpeg.  The font is always the same, but you can shift to grayscale and reverse negative by clicking the foreground and background links just under the image window.

I saved my image in web archive format, emailed it to myself, saved it in iPhoto, and dropped it into PS Elements to save as a jpeg.  There is probably a more efficient way to save in jpeg format, but that's what I came up with this morning.  You can probably save a finished image from the website in something other than web archive format if you take the time to consider all of the save options.

from also has a fun ransom note generator, but you can't save the images and use them because the letter fonts are created by different artists, and all copyrights are reserved.  But, it's a fun place to play!

Click HERE if you want to download some great free ransom note fonts from fontspace.  Check the individual use agreements for each one.  Most are for non-commercial use.