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Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday—I Know That VOICE

Who are the familiar voices behind our favorite characters?

Arguably, the most recognizable voice in animation history
Mel Blanc_The voice of Bugs 1940 - 1989

I Know That VOICE

This fun new documentary will be released on INDemand at the end of the year, on iTunes on December 22, and available on DVD sometime in November or December.

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Director Lawrence Shapiro goes behind the fourth wall to show us the real people behind the imaginary characters who have kept us entertained for generations.  June Foray (Rocky the Squirrel & CindyLoo Who), John DiMaggio (Furturama's Bender who also exec produced the documentary), and Emmy Award winner, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson & Chuckie from The Rugrats) are among the talented voice actors who brought them to life.

Why would we want to put faces on these famous characters?  Because the actors deserve full recognition for all of the great memories we have as a result of their fabulous work.  And, because they contribute joy to the world, which is a true gift.

Photo credits: from Wikipedia_Bugs creator, Tex Avery_Warner Bros. mascot

Official trailer #1

Official trailer #2