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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday—The Industrial Design Corner: Charles & Ray Eames

The first in a series of my favorite designers — Charles & Ray Eames

Eames ottoman & lounge chair_circa 1956

Charles & Ray Eames dot pattern fabric_1947

On the nature of their relationship & creative partnership...

ELAINE SEWELL JONES (Herman Miller public relations, and Eames family friend)

"Well I think they never talked about it as a subject very much that I know of, but  there was no doubt about the fact that Charles was always very careful to state that it was a partnership between him and Ray."

". . . you have two persons who are symbiotic working

together, agreeing and disagreeing, trusting each other, 

because they had to agree and they had to disagree a lot.

And that was a perfect working relationship."

Charles & Ray Eames on NBC's Home show with Arlene Francis, 1956...Part 1 of 2

Introducing their new lounge chair and ottoman for Herman Miller furniture...Part 2 of 2