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Saturday, October 5, 2013

tHe sATurDaY sToRE—Second Life Collectible

 A specialized item for very special people...

TROI Timtam

In a Former Life, I spent an awful lot of time in virtual reality playing with my avatar.  Her name was TROI Timtam.

It was a 3D virtual reality architect, and I made real money creating virtual marketing sites for corporate clients.  I got my name up on the silver screen, made some fun avatars for an Emmy Award winning TV show, worked with a couple of US congressmen, and I learned about scripting in HTML.  Somewhere along the way—probably at the SL convention in Chicago—I picked up this souvenir pendant.  It got buried in a drawer along with the business cards above, and I forgot about it until I was trying to dislodge a bunch of notepads that had been stuffed into the top drawer of my desk.

I haven't seen these around much, but for someone who doesn't physically cringe at the mere mention of Second Life these days, it's a neat memento.  The plastic seal at the bottom of the tag is still intact, and it has never been opened or worn.  The cord is made of plastic.

Disclaimer:  May contain fairy dust from one of my avatar's fairy incarnations.

Price:  $35, free shipping


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