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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday—The Texting Corner

Modern Day Snail Mail by Christina Vanko

I saw this on the wonderful blog that I follow called, Laughing Squid...

Send a handwritten note!

When designer, Christina Vanko, inherited her father's calligraphy pen, she decided to exchange handwritten calligraphy messages in place of standard text messages for a week.

By doing so, she improved her grammar, thoughtfulness, and spelling.  Her friends seemed to appreciate the extra effort and the beauty of a handwritten note.  Each message was handwritten, then converted into a photo to be sent as a text.

What a neat way to remember her dad.   :)

Pretty cool idea, huh?  It may be faster than poking around a teensie little iPhone keyboard in a vain and fruitless effort to defeat autochecker.  I seriously hate the autospellchecker monkey who lives in my iPhone.