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Tuesday's Cupboard—Roasted Fresh Pumpkin Seeds

My favorite spice combination and real butter!

This recipe is just right for 3 or 4 large pumpkins with lots of seeds.

Roasted Fresh Pumpkin Seeds
•  2 to 3 cups of fresh, clean pumpkin seeds
•  1 tablespoon of melted real butter to every cup of seeds
•  kosher salt
•  garlic powder
•  seasoning salt
•  chili powder &/or paprika
•  a couple of shakes from your favorite hot sauce (I use Cholula chipotle sauce, not too hot)
•  ground black pepper

Make It!
1.  Preheat oven to 300°F
2.  To separate the seeds from the pulp, I clean out the pumpkins and throw everything into a large bowl.  Then, I squeeze the seeds away from the pulp (without rinsing) & toss them into a medium-sized bowl filled with cold water.  Don't rinse them under the tap while you're trying to separate out the seeds.  This will make everything a lot slimier and harder to handle.  The seeds will float in the water, so I whip them around with my fingers to further loosen any remaining pulp.  
3.  Strain thro…