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Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday—The Mac Keyboard Corner

6 Essential Mac Tips from BuzzFeed Video

Making life easier through keyboard short-cuts

Here are 6 super-handy keyboard shortcuts for your Mac!

1.  Incremental Volume/Brightness  = Option + Shift + Volume Button — The volume button is located in the uppermost top row to the left of the eject button (F12).

This also works with the brightness button, which is located in the uppermost top row to the right of the "esc" button.  It looks like a little sun icon.

2.  Define something = Command (squiggly box) + Control + D — This will define anything that is highlighted.

3.  Special Characters = Hold down a letter to bring up special characters — This is my favorite!  I use a lot of accents in foreign words (e.g. bon app├ętit), so this is a great short-cut.

4.  Paste "Clean" Text =  Command + Control + V — This creates a beautifully clean, simplified text version of whatever you copy & paste.  This is handy when you want to quote a paragraph from someone's blog and the text is crowded &/or awkward.  This tool cleans up the text and makes it easily viewable.

5.  Negative Display = Command + Option + Control + 8 —  This reverses the white & black backgrounds on your screen.  Very handy for reading in the sunlight.

Enable this tool in your keyboard preferences.

6.   Silent Start-Up = Hold down the mute key + power on — This silences the start-up noise!  That's a good one if you're starting up your computer at a meeting or late at night when you don't want to wake up sleepers.