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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday—Good For You, Good for Your Suitcase

Clever packing tips for your suitcase from DaveHax, Efficiency Engineer at Holiday Inn Express

Neat ideas for travelers!

1.  Portable Hanging Shelves — Use collapsible closet compartments to separate and neatly organize clothing items.

2.  Use the under-2-minutes shirt folding technique — Check out Dave's you tube on how to fold shirts in under 2 minutes.

3.  Tuck belts into the collar of business shirts — This keeps collars from being squished after the suitcase is closed.

4.  Use cling wrap under screw top lids to seal plastic bottles — This provides an extra layer of protection from spilled liquids.

5.  Use an alligator clip to cover exposed razor blades — A handy alternative if you lose the plastic cover from a disposable razor.

6.  Use an alligator clip to wrap cables for small electronics — Store loose cables in an old glasses case for easy retrieval.

7.  Use the television USB plug-in if you forget your recharger — Make sure that the TV is on!

8.  Amplify small device music by placing it in an empty cup — This is handy if you want to leave your device plugged into the charger.

9.  Pack suit jackets inside out & fold them in half, then in quarters —This helps to prevent wrinkling.

10.  Use a business card as a suitcase ID tag — A professional & safe way to leave contact info.

11.  My tip:  Don't travel with expensive luggage!  It is a known fact that thieves target expensive luggage, assuming that expensive bags contain valuable cargo.  

Watch the 1:29 minute you tube below