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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday—Good For You, Good For the Home: Pirate-y Eggs & Bacon

A fun Christmas gift for around $10 + $2 shipping

This is the perfect way to start Talk Like A Pirate Day (which is always on September 19th)...or to use whenever you're feeling pirate-y!

Fun in the kitchen
Where to Purchase It
From Fred & Friends available on Amazon (my favorite way to buy stuff online).  If you want to add to your present, give them a gift card from their favorite grocery store to cover the cost of a dozen eggs and a package of bacon.

Click HERE to order $25 & $50 gift cards from Whole Foods on Amazon.  

4-Star Review
According to someone who purchased this item & reviewed it on Amazon, the cooking pan must be flat, and the silicone mold needs to be sprayed with PAM & preheated to get the best results.  Also, if you reuse the same pan, it needs to be cleaned to prevent sticking the second time around.  It's dishwasher safe, so rinse it off & toss it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

I would have loved using a cute gadget like this when my kids were in school!  Great for the grandkids, too (if you have them).  

Happy cooking!