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Saturday—News from The Successor Trustee: Job Description

Choosing a successor and being a successor

The Trust and The Successor Trustee
I've written previously about the nature of a living trust and the qualities of a good successor trustee.  Because I am both a successor trustee and the architect of my own family trust, I've had to identify certain characteristics that are required in order to administer a trust.

Loyalty & Responsibility
A strong sense of loyalty and an unshakable sense of fiduciary responsibility is at the core of what it takes to administer a trust.

Moral Code
A trust is a contract essentially based on a personal understanding between the grantor and the successor.  The grantor puts his/her faith in the belief that the successor will not only carry out the legal terms of the trust, but will also honor the intentions of the grantor.  Honesty, a sense of fairness, and an uncompromising code of personal integrity guide the successor's decisions.

Personal Fortitude
Add fearlessness, perseverance, common sense, pers…

Friday—The Photoshop Gallery Lost Pix

Previously unpublished rejects from my iPhoto library

Thursday Mini-Post: Runaway Bunnies!!

I want to feed a herd of bunnies!

Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home: Miramo Balls

Naturally elegant plants for your home & work space

I saw this cute little Miramo Moss Ball posted on Pinterest today and thought I'd share it.

This is technically a green algae, not a seaweed or a moss.  It lives on the bottom of lakes in the northern hemisphere (Iceland, Scotland, Japan & Estonia) and is a protected species in both Iceland and Japan.  

Miramo balls are green, velvety, and squishy.  What's not to like about these cute little plants?  Like a shamrock, they are considered a sign of good luck.  They grow by absorbing light on all sides as they are gently pushed by the action of waves and currents.  In a healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystem, they can grow up to 12 inches in diameter, and they can live for up to 200 years.

As a houseplant, they like indirect sunlight, normal room temps, and clean water every week or two.  As a result of photosynthetic growth, they will occasionally move around in their bowl.

You can order one of these cute aquatic kits fr…

Saturday—News From the Trustee: 4 Weeks

Transforming the house from February 16 to March 16...

Step 1:  Donate & Declutter
Remove clutter & everything that makes the house look dated

Step 2:  Stage — Remove personal items & update furnishings 

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Master Suite

Dining Room