Tuesday Cupboard—Classic Italian Polenta

A yummy entrée for Easter brunch

Serve this classic Italian dish with your favorite marinara & a simple salad of fresh greens & mixed cherry tomatoes tossed in Newman's Own Lite Cranberry-Walnut dressing.  Healthy & delicious!

From My Name is Yeh by food blogger, Molly Yeh

Fresh green onions, chives & shredded Parmesan
make up the base for this creamy casserole 

Click HERE for the original recipe

For my lighter, but cheesier version...

•  Substitute nonfat or low-fat milk for whole milk
•  Substitute part-skim ricotta for whole-milk ricotta
•  Instead of 2 whole eggs, use 1/2 c. egg substitute

To boost the cheesy flavor, I used a whole 6 oz. container of pre-shredded Parmesan, plus 2 tablespoons.

I used a whole bunch of green onions & 3 T. of dried chives instead of fresh chives in the polenta.  I used dried chives in the ricotta topping, as well.

Kosher salt brings out the subtle combination of flavors!  

I use corn meal ground for polenta available at Safeway
Substitute nonfat or low-fat milk for whole milk
Add a full 6 oz. container of shredded Parmesan, plus 1 to 2 T. to boost the cheesy flavor
If the grocery store is out of fresh chives, substitute 3 T. dried chives
Bring out the flavors with kosher salt & ground black pepper 
Creamy Ricotta cheese + 1/2 c. of egg substitute & chives for the topping
Ready for the oven!  Bake 40 mins in a 400° oven
Sprinkle the top with paprika & cracked black pepper before baking

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