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Thursday Mini-Post: Thai Life Insurance Commercial

I like this message 

Wednesday—Good For You, Good for The Home: Separating Eggs

Finally, a practical use for those thin-skinned plastic water bottles!

From one of my favorite happiness websites, the SF GLOBE

And to my cousin, Jolene, who has the best links and videos on her facebook page...Thnx, Jolene, & thanx Jolene's friends who post neat videos like this!

(Disregard the spelling error at the end.  You'll see.)

Sunday—What would you give to be in the next STAR WARS movie?

A cool new contest that helps kids and families around the world

Me-Me-Me!  I wanna be in the next STAR WARS movie!!!  And, I get to bring one lucky friend to London to the STAR WARS Episode VII closed set and go behind-the-scenes with director, J.J. Abrams and meet all of the new stars.  Oh seriously, that is pretty super-dooper doggone good-good, but it gets even better, if that's at all possible...

Well, it IS!!  The winner of this contest gets to suit up in movie hair, makeup, and costume and BE IN THE MOVIE.  Yeah, really.

Okay, here's how it works:

STAR WARS Force for Change is a charity benefitting UNICEF's Innovation Labs, a program that develops innovative solutions to global issues involving children and families.  Some of their projects include...

Portable, solar-powered learning kits being built in China, Uganda, and Burundi to ensure every child in the world has access to relevant, quality learning. • Mobile phone application developed in South Sudan and Ugand…