Tuesday's Cupboard—NOMA

What it was like to eat in the best restaurant in the world

Step into noma 


What does it mean to be the "best restaurant in the world?"  It means that a panel of 936 international leaders in the restaurant industry divided into 26 culinary regions around the world have voted, and one restaurant comes out on top.  The criteria for voting casts a wide net designed to fairly represent the current scene in fine dining.  Nominations are made for the restaurant, not the chef or the owner, and every restaurant in the world is eligible. 

It is the dining experience that matters.

Click HERE for more interesting facts about the voting.


A ballet.  A symphony.  Gratitude.  Grace.  Harmony.  45 seats.  4.5 hours.


Hold onto your butts...this is some, but not all of what we had

red currant and lavender_pickled unripe strawberries 
nordic coconuts (kohlrabi or "German turnip")
moss and cep (mushroom)
flower tart
pickled and smoked quails' eggs
flatbread with wild roses
green asparagus with scallop
white cabbage and samphire (sea vegetable)
Æbleskiver, lovage (an English herb) and parsley
pike head and herbs
burnt leek and cod roe
shrimp and ramson (wild garlic)
radish and yeast
beef tartar and ants
egg and fresh greens
rhubarb and sorrel
30th birthday cake for caralee
lounge and hygge (furs & candles = Danish hospitality)
chocolate pork rinds and coffee
a must-have after dinner treat
the sailing ship next to noma

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