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New Year's Eve 2014—A Buffalo Year

Looking back on 2014

For much of 2014, I stood in the middle of what felt like a stampede of thundering hooves.  

For the first half of the year, I was bound to my father's home in Las Vegas and to all of the places around it.  Early drives down Tropicana across the famous Las Vegas Strip (hello, MGM Lion).  The seedy and entertaining signage on Decatur.  Lowe's garden department where I bought pink roses and transformed my father's back yard into an oasis.  The ramps onto Interstate 93/95 going south toward Boulder City, a place of friendship and rest.    
Shamans believe that anyone whose power animal is the buffalo must walk a sacred path, bound by obligation and compelled to move forward.  I felt from the beginning that I was following a critical path, which Buckminster Fuller describes as, "first things first to be accomplished—second things before third things and 7,308 things before 7,309 things.  Some were going to take longer than others."  

For 358 days I w…

Wednesday—Good for You, Good for The Home: Pack Up the Trees!

A great way to store artificial Christmas trees!

I love well designed things that make life easier! It's affordable at $19.99 It is the perfect size for a 3' entry tree, but it can easily store a 5' tree in partsIt is sturdy & well madeIt has a round base for standing uprightIt is narrow & does not take up a lot of horizontal spaceIt can be hung from a handle at the top of the bag Turn this... ...into this!

Monday—Holiday Music on Amazon Prime!

Free holiday listening with Amazon Prime membership

Holiday Things I Love


Omigosh, have you seen this?  If you shop on Amazon like I do and have an Amazon Prime membership (1-year subscription for $99), Amazon has installed a little widget that streams an eclectic mix of contemporary holiday songs from their 40-song playlist.

Look for the little snowflake-music note iconat the top of the Amazon products page.  That will send you to a Amazon Prime subscription page.  If you already have Prime, the playlist will begin automatically.  You can pause the music and open up the playlist and select songs for purchase.

The music is contemporary and kind of poppish and definitely not elevator music.  Lots of traditional songs with a twist.  It's a welcome change from the usual stuff.  I'm getting pretty tired of my holiday playlist, anyway!

A few artists from the Amazon playlist...

Under Any Limb by Ruby The RabbitFoot (folksy pop)Light A Candle by Jenn Bostic (country blues)…

Wednesday: Good for You, Good for the Home—Inside Out Wrap!

For all of that out-of-control wrapping paper!
Holiday Things I Love
This is a variation on the toilet paper roll trick, except this time I used the inner cardboard roll of wrapping paper.  Just loosen it up a little to hold the rolled up loose paper.  A neat way to reuse those paper tubes, and it works like a charm!

Wednesday—Good For You, Good for The Home: Umbrellas!

Wonderful quality umbrellas from the San Francisco Umbrella Company

Holiday Things I Love

I found these very cool umbrellas on Amazon Smile Prime!  First, you choose your own charity on Amazon Smile, then add free shipping with Amazon Prime (1-year subscription is $99).

A super deal for $39.95 regular price, but many are on sale right now for $34.31!  I just got another one because it has a cat print on it.  There are several cat designs & colors, as well as a surprisingly large selection of dog breed designs.  And, if you're not looking for house pets, they also have pigs, giraffes, owls, and penguins.  Ooo, love that one-click shopping!