Monday—Holiday Music on Amazon Prime!

Free holiday listening with Amazon Prime membership

Holiday Things I Love


Omigosh, have you seen this?  If you shop on Amazon like I do and have an Amazon Prime membership (1-year subscription for $99), Amazon has installed a little widget that streams an eclectic mix of contemporary holiday songs from their 40-song playlist.

Look for the little snowflake-music note icon at the top of the Amazon products page.  That will send you to a Amazon Prime subscription page.  If you already have Prime, the playlist will begin automatically.  You can pause the music and open up the playlist and select songs for purchase.

The music is contemporary and kind of poppish and definitely not elevator music.  Lots of traditional songs with a twist.  It's a welcome change from the usual stuff.  I'm getting pretty tired of my holiday playlist, anyway!

A few artists from the Amazon playlist...

The reviews are what you might expect.  Some people love the list, and some people don't.  It just depends on what you're in the mood to hear.   If you're looking for something different while you're shopping the after-Christmas sales, go for it!

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