New Year's Eve 2014—A Buffalo Year

Looking back on 2014

cricket music by dsmp

For much of 2014, I stood in the middle of what felt like a stampede of thundering hooves.  

For the first half of the year, I was bound to my father's home in Las Vegas and to all of the places around it.  Early drives down Tropicana across the famous Las Vegas Strip (hello, MGM Lion).  The seedy and entertaining signage on Decatur.  Lowe's garden department where I bought pink roses and transformed my father's back yard into an oasis.  The ramps onto Interstate 93/95 going south toward Boulder City, a place of friendship and rest.    

Shamans believe that anyone whose power animal is the buffalo must walk a sacred path, bound by obligation and compelled to move forward.  I felt from the beginning that I was following a critical path, which Buckminster Fuller describes as, "first things first to be accomplished—second things before third things and 7,308 things before 7,309 things.  Some were going to take longer than others."  

For 358 days I was devoted to closing my father's trust.  It was a journey of discovery and unexpected adventures. 

In Lakota folklore, the white buffalo is a woman who teaches that all things are connected.  She encourages resourcefulness and a deep appreciation for abundance.  The Lakota believe that relationships are important and should be honored.  The enduring strength of my father's relationship with me and my sister honored each of us and added to the abundance of our shared history.

2014 was about all of these things—gratitude, resourcefulness, relationships, courage, energy, learning, complexities, focus and abundance.  At the end of the year, all of these things joined in concert like field crickets who sing together in the darkness.  The miracle of this year is that it ended in harmony.    

2014 started with a stampede and ended peacefully.  It was a buffalo year.   

Welcome 2015!  

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